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We offer members their own piece of Stellar Skies' 3.5 acre Dark Sky Site for Astronomy—whether you prefer to construct an observatory of your own, or to bring your gear each trip -it’s your tract of our Dark Sky Site to use whenever you want!

Dark Sky Site
Night Skies

Member Business Model

Like you we want affordable and comfortable access to dark skies whenever we want.  We have come up with a solution to the cost problem of obtaining access to dark skies individually through a shared model which is the basis for Stellar Skies LLC.

Stellar Skies LLC has the solution for affordable and comfortable access to dark skies at your convenience. When you join Stellar Skies you not only join a great group of amateur astronomers but you join the LLC as a member, which gives you a say in how Stellar Skies conducts its business and where it spends money.

We are not in this business for profit so your membership fee and annual dues all go right back to Stellar Skies Dark Sky Site for the benefit of all members!

The Night Skies

Access to wonderful dark skies is a constant challenge for amateur astronomers. Most of us live in or near urbanized areas where developers have little regard for the night sky. Light pollution is at an all-time high and will only get worse as time goes on.

The night sky at the Stellar Skies site is rated between Bortle 1 and Bortle 2 on the Dark Sky scale of astronomical observability. This is the best rating, second only to Ft. Davis, TX- home of the McDonald Observatory. The Stellar Skies Dark Sky Site is at 1785 foot elevation and there are also no annoying light domes present on any part of horizon in any direction.

The image above shows just how visible the Milky Way galaxy is from Stellar Skies Dark Sky Site!

The Dark Sky Site

Stellar Skies Dark Sky Site sits atop a beautiful plateau just north of the small town of Pontotoc, Texas—miles from any and all city lights and noise.

The site is equipped with everything you will need to enjoy your piece of the dark sky site. The Stellar Skies property includes a 1700 square foot, 2 bathroom mobile home with a large common room, a fully equipped kitchen, washer and dryer and central heat and air. The mobile home is well maintained by Stellar Skies for use by all members.

For overnight stays, you are welcome to bring your own tent, pop-up camper, or RV. Electricity, water, and\or septic services can be provided to your piece of the Dark Sky Site for only the cost of installation.  

What We Offer

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