Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions we receive from prospective members to help you answer the questions you may have about becoming a member of Stellar Skies LLC.

Does the Dark Sky Site have electricity, water, showers, stove, refrigerator, and a place to sleep?

Yes, it has all of the above and you do not have to reserve any time to use them.  No reservations at all, you can use the site whenever you want.  The lodge has 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms, stove, refrigerator, and is entirely furnished.  We have electricity on the outside you can plug into or you can have electricity run to your plot by our electrician, Industrial Electric of Llano, for a minimal fee.

Can the Membership be joint (shared by more than one person)?

Yes, but no more than two individuals may share a membership.

Am I allowed to bring a guest to observe with me?

Yes, up to four guests are allowed.  We just ask that you respect that the site is primarily for membership only and do not abuse the guest policy (like bringing the same guests out every new moon weekend).

Can the dark sky site be reserved for a star party?

Yes, as a member you have the right to host a star party of your own.  The party has to be approved by a majority vote of the membership prior to scheduling it.

Can I construct or put a pre-built cabin on my tract?

For the Large Observatory Membership yes you can, and if you need to hook into the Dark Sky Site's electric, water, or septic system this is also allowed.  The cost to perform the hook ups will be your responsibility and you must use the contractors Stellar Skies LLC uses as they know the property better than anyone.

Can I bring my pop-up camper or motor home to the site when I am there?

Yes, we just ask that if you intend to stay at the site for more than 14 days that you get prior approval from the CEO of Stellar Skies LLC to keep your temporary sleeping facilities on the dark sky site property.

Can I construct or put a pre-built obsevatory on my tract?

Yes, observatories like those sold by vendors like Backyard Observatories, Sky Shed, Observadomes, PierTech and similar are allowed.  The construction costs and the costs associated to hooking up to the dark sky site's electrical service are paid by you.  

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