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As any Amateur Astronomer who has built a Dark Sky Site on their own will tell you, a quality Dark Sky Site is expensive! Stellar Skies already has the Dark Sky Site and the utilities needed to operate one comfortably.

Compare the cost of joining Stellar Skies vs. building a Dark Sky Site yourself:

Cost Comparison


Joining Stellar Skies LLC

One Time Membership Fee:              
Annual Membership Dues:                 
Total Initial Cost:
**The cost for the membership fee is using our Large Observatory Membership as the basis for the comparison.                             

Building Dark Sky Site On Your Own


Land Cost (1 Acre):                     

Land Clearing\Development:          

Well Drilling\Installation:                 

Electric Installation (1000 ft):         

Septic Tank and Installation:           

Dwelling (Mobile Home):                  

Taxes, Utilities, Maintenance:            
Total Initial Cost:                         








​That's a cost difference of at least $23,000!  The cost estimates given above for building a Dark Sky Site on your own are very conservative and most likely will be much higher.

Not only is it expensive to build a Dark Sky Site on your own, but you would also have the cost and burden of upkeep and maintenance. Stellar Skies LLC not only provides a premium viewing site and all the utility infrastructure, but we manage and maintain the site as well, allowing you to spend more of your time and money doing what you love.

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