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We may come from various backgrounds but we all have one thing in common between us and you, a never-ending passion for Astronomy.  Here is more information about the managing members of Stellar Skies LLC. 

About Us

Daniel's career may be as Software Developer (going on 20 years) but when he is not at his day job he is hard at work leading Stellar Skies LLC.  He has loved Astronomy since the age of 7 when his father bought him his first telescope, a 4-inch Newtonian reflector.  He was hooked after the first night out with it and has forever had the love for Astronomy in his life in some capacity or form.  He has been a member of the Astronomy Club of Akron and currently is a member of the Austin Astronomical Society for the past ten years.  He is an avid Astro-Photographer and you can view his work here.   

Daniel Maloney - Chief Executive Officer

Terry is an Information Technology manager for a large industrial process control company in Austin.  He posses a truly amazing knowledge of the night time skies.  He is Vice President of the Austin Astronomical Society and helps with the member services committee as well.  He loves to share his knowledge in Astronomy with others every chance he gets, regularly assisting with Astronomy public outreach events all over Central Texas.  Whether it is a pair of binoculars or his 25'' Obsession dobsonian  being pointed to the sky Terry will always find objects that will truly amaze you.

Terry Phillips - Vice President

Jack has been an accountant all his working life.  He is the controller of a Woodhouse Day Spa franchise in the southern TX hill country with 6 locations and lives in Boerne TX about 45 miles north of San Antonio.  He has been active in astronomy as a visual observer and sometimes imager for over 40 years.  He has an 18" DOB at Stellar Skies and a pier mounted C11HD at home.  He has 11 AL observing certificates including the Master Observer.  

Jack Estes - Chief Financial Officer

Andy is most recognized for a website he built in the early 2000s called Andy's Shotglass, Astronomy and Astrophotography for Non-Gazillionaires. His interest at that time was helping beginners get involved in astronomy as cheaply as possible.  He chose to abandon that website in 2015 in order to care for his wife (Teri) who was diagnosed with Mesothelioma Cancer. After her passing he is back at Stellar Skies to continue pursuing his life-long passion. Having dismantled his SkyShed Personal Observatory Dome he is planning construction of a larger observatory and preparing for major upgrades to his astrophotography equipment. GO Andy!

Andy Raiford - Founding Member

Charlie Miller has been an active amateur astronomer since he looked through an Edmund Scientific 3" Newtonian when he was 12 years old.  He is both an observer and a telescope builder and in his youth, he ground and polished several 8" and 10" Newtonian mirrors and also built the scopes for those mirrors.  His latest platform is comprised of a 12" Meade ACF optical tube assembly riding on an Astro-Physics 900GTO German Equatorial mount.  Once this scope is permanently mounted at the Stellar Skies Dark Sky Site, he plans to use his SBIG camera to do both general imaging and exoplanet transit timings.

Charlie Miller - Founding Member

Faron Miller is the contractor responsible for developing the grounds of the Stellar Skies dark sky site into what it is today and what it will become in the future.  He is owner\operator of Miller Construction and if that were not enough he also is a realtor at his father's realty company, Frosty Miller Realty.  Faron knows what it takes to get things done in the Texas Hill Country and he is our contractor responsible for property maintenance\improvement we need done at the dark sky site whether it be landscaping work or smaller things like fence work, tree trimming, etc..

Faron Miller - Site Maintenance\Improvement

Jarret is the owner of Paladin Framing Services out of Pontotoc, Texas and he has 20 years experience building structures of all kinds.  He is our contractor for observatory construction and maintenance.  His quality speaks for itself and is on display at the dark sky site not only in the observatories but also in the massive deck in front of our lodge.  He takes his time to find the best materials and that makes a huge difference in the outcome of the project.  Jarret is also an avid Astronomer himself owning both a 12'' Orion Dobsonian and Celestron Nexstar 9.25'' telescope.  He is just starting the journey into Lunar and Planetary imaging with his Celestron 9.25''.

Jarret Lingle - Observatory Construction\Maintenance

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